First USA Funded Well

“I vividly remember when the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) had to bring us water in jerry cans when the solar powered water system could not help us anymore. Sometimes, we would have to walk around the camp in search of water. We would end up with very little for the day,” Brenda Agurukwo shares.

“I was so relieved when this borehole was constructed because it took away our water troubles.”

“We thank you for the great work you have done for the people of Yangani. We will continue to pray for Fields of Life as you help other people like us.”

Yangani Health Center in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement’s Zone 5 is the site of the first Fields of Life USA borehole well. Now, 648 children and adults in Yangani village and patients at the health center have daily access to clean water. This is thanks to the generosity of school children, churches, and dozens of supporters from across the United States. Bidi Bidi, in Yumbe district, Northern Uganda is the world’s largest refugee settlement. It is home to more than 272,000 South Sudanese refugees, 60 percent of them children.

“My name is Avako Zubeda and I am a midwife here at the Yangani Health Center. When I first arrived in this village in 2017, we relied on water trucks, but they were very unreliable, and the water was not sufficient for everyone. The situation became even worse when solar powered water systems were constructed, since the system could not work without enough sun light, and the pipes would burst from time to time. At the health center, the situation was worse,” Avako explains.

“Due to the absence of water at the health center, the UNHCR tried to provide bottled water which was not sufficient at all. Hand washing and the treating of wounds and injuries was incredibly difficult. At one point, some of our patients almost started a riot due to the lack of water to take their medicines.”

“Thank you, Fields of Life, for coming to our rescue and providing us with clean water.”

Find the location of the new well at Yangani Health Center by copying these coordinates into your browser N03.335789, E31.299730.