Gloria Champions Hand Washing

During this time we all know how important it is to wash our hands. Let us introduce you to Gloria who has been sharing the importance of hand washing with her friends and family.

Gloria is a pupil of Katente East Primary School and is an I AM GIRL champion. The water, sanitation and hygiene education Gloria received through the I AM GIRL programme changed her perception of hand washing from a luxury to a necessity!

“I have always taken hand washing as a luxury. My friends and I would often use the toilet and run back to class without washing our hands, yet we always had a hand washing facility at our school. Fields of Life developed the I AM GIRL project in our school, this has enabled me to learn the importance of hygiene practices in keeping me and my friends healthy so we can stay in school! ”

When Gloria became an I AM Girl champion, she did not know how much it would help her change the outlook in her school. She saw it more as a role but soon began to realise it was a big opportunity for her to change a lot of things in her school.   Through the I AM Girl training and the several Health Parades at school, Gloria has been able to encourage her fellow students to be intentional about hand washing.

“I am now an advocate of hand washing and I encourage my friends to always wash their hands to avoid diseases like typhoid and diarrhoea. I have also talked to my family about the importance of hand washing. It is still a challenge because it has not been practiced at home, but I will continue encouraging all my family members to regularly wash their hands. I used to suffer from a cough and stomach problems.  Ever since I started regularly hand washing, many of those health issues have reduced. I am enjoying school and participating in all the different activities without any hindrance.”

Gloria adds,

“I want to thank Fields of Life for bringing the I AM GIRL project to my school helping me to learn how to stay healthy and to be able to stay in school. I am sure most of the other Champions and pupils would share the same feelings about this project.”

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