I received more from Uganda than I could ever give!

On 8th July, team Cultiv8 2017 set off for a two week trip to Uganda. The team was made up of 18 individuals from across Ireland (north and south), and for 15 of them it was their first ever visit to Africa.

After a short stay in Kampala we ventured towards the West, where we spent our first week working in El Shaddai Primary School. Our mornings consisted of Holiday Bible Club where we taught the story of Joseph through drama, stories, songs and some very competitive quizzes! In the afternoon we taught health classes, craft sessions and played sports with new equipment brought out by the team. At the end of the week the team travelled further west to Queen Elizabeth National Park where we enjoyed time to relax together, as well as a safari game drive to spot some elephants, warthogs and even a lion!

The following week we travelled to Mukono where we worked in St Stephens Primary School, carrying out the same programme as before. In both schools we had the privilege of holding a ‘community day’ where all children were provided with a meal, and parents and local dignitaries were invited to meet the team and share together. These days were a highlight for many of us and it was an honour to witness the community response to the ongoing work of Fields of Life. We were also presented with a live chicken as a gift and the laughter was uncontrollable as we tried get it  safely on to our bus!

Cultiv8 2017 was a truly incredible experience and as ever, I received more from Uganda than I could ever give. Our team was blown away by the living hope that we see in Fields of Life partner schools, but even more so by the faith that the children, teachers and parents have in the One who brings hope, light and love to this broken world.

Since we returned home it is my pleasure to say that many of the team, having witnessed first hand the difference that education makes in Uganda, have began to sponsor children through Fields of Life. Thank you to everyone who supported us in prayer, encouragement and financial giving.

Here’s to Cultiv8 2018…

Megan McLaughlin, Team Leader