Incredible support from Junior Fundraisers

We want to say a huge thank you to two of our amazing junior fundraisers, Saoirse Flagler (11 years old) and Liana Gason (9 years old). These girls are passionate about bringing clean water, sanitation and hygiene to communities in East Africa.

Saoirse is aiming to raise funds for a 10,000 litre Rainwater Harvesting Tank! To do this she will climb Lugnaquilla, the highest mountain in Leinster this April. The climb is 15km or 9.5 miles and takes approximately 6 hours.  Saoirse states; “I’m very excited and nervous. This will be one of the most challenging things I will ever do, but in the end it will be worth helping these children”.

Liana is raising money for a well for a community in East Africa. She has come up with a brilliant idea to sell water drops to raise some money. If 288 people purchased a water drop for €25 then this would raise enough money to drill a well! On top of that Liana is doing a fundraiser for her birthday and will be doing a 6km sponsored walk for water.

Between them they have already raised over €5,000 for clean water in East Africa this year which is absolutely incredible!

To find out more about what these two inspiring young fundraisers are doing, or to donate please visit the links below:
Saoirse Flagler: Click here
Liana Gason: Click here

Thank you so much to Saoirse, Liana and everyone who continues to support them!

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