Jonny Bailies Granshaw team reflections

It was 15 years since I was last in East Africa, and I was excited to return and lead a team of friends, from my church, to Rwanda and Uganda.

Although we were going out with the intention of coaching football to teachers in these countries, I knew that we, as a team, would learn a lot more from the people we would meet, than we would teach them.

My most emotional moment was when we visited Nyarisuzi Focus Primary School in Rwanda. We travelled along a steep dusty road for about 45 minutes, climbing steep hills and crossing rickety bridges. We passed small, one room  houses built out of mud with six or seven children playing outside. When we arrived at the school the welcome we received was unbelievable, with hundreds of people coming out, and singing and dancing for us, and praising God for Fields of Life giving children the opportunity to receive an education.

It showed me about how much we take what we have for granted, and give little praise to God for the things that we feel we have acquired ourselves.

Later we visited the nearby Murambi Genocide site where 50,000 people where slaughtered in a matter of hours, because of a perceived ethnic difference. Thinking back to the school I could see how the country has moved on in such a short space of time, and how Fields of Life are helping the country achieve stability.

Please pray for the work that Fields of Life do in East Africa, and with those prayers be prepared for the answer that God might want you to step out in faith and take some form of action. This may be that you go to Africa on a Fields of Life team, or it may mean sponsoring a child or raising money for clean water access in villages and towns.

For me I will try and keep the great experiences I had in Rwanda and Uganda with me, and hopefully use them to grow in my relationship with God.