The Joy of Hearing from my Sponsor

Eight-year-old Jerry is a happy boy, but when he visited the Fields of Life Kampala office in August he was an extremely happy boy.

Since Jerry became a sponsored child, he has been writing to his sponsor who lives in Ireland. Jerry is so grateful for the support that has enabled him to attend school but what he looks forward to most is hearing from his sponsor. “Does she know me? Does she receive my Christmas cards?” he asked his aunt, making sure all of his letters and cards have been sent.

In August 2016, Jerry’s prayer was answered as he received both an Easter and a St. Patrick’s Day card. Jerry’s excitement was uncontainable, he was ecstatic. He laughed and spoke to himself, “I know that she knows me. My sponsor knows my name and has respect for me and thinks I am a big person, she calls me Mr. Jerry.

The Fields of Life office was filled with joy as a very excited Jerry read out the contents of his letters to whoever would listen. With a very bright smile, Jerry sat down to compose a reply letter and Christmas card. Jerry’s aunt informed Fields of Life that the following day Jerry took his card with him to school and showed it to his friends and teachers.

Jerry isn’t the only happy child. Thousands of children in schools all over East Africa write to and receive letters from their sponsors. The lives of children who are sponsored are transformed by the support they receive. They love to put a name or face to the person investing in them and their future, to learn about where they are from, the other members of their family and their hobbies.

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