Kids taking action for Africa

When Portsmouth, New Hampshire 7th grader Scarlett Graham received an assignment called Africa RITA (Research, Inform, Take Action), she took it to heart. Students were asked to independently select a topic in Africa that they felt impacted people. Because they could not fly to Africa and help people first hand they needed to find others who were already doing good work. Students had to research their topic, inform people outside of their circle of friends and family, and then find a way to take action and use what they had learned.

Scarlett’s research into education and child sponsorship led her to Fields of Life’s website and a phone interview with Fields of Life’s USA director, Frank Betzer. She asked great questions, read the annual reports and reviewed the online financials before selecting Fields of Life. Scarlett created a presentation and leaflet to share with her neighbors about the amazing impact that child sponsorship, clean water and “I AM GIRL” can have in East African communities. She raised $264 for Water for Life.

Her teacher, Ms. Garganta said, “Scarlett has been thrilled to connect with so many people willing to talk with her and she is excited to do her part to make a difference. I cannot thank Fields of Life enough for allowing her to extend her learning and to feel such a part of a community that is making a difference in people’s lives!”

We’re thankful to Scarlett for showing what one kid can do by sharing Fields of Life’s message of hope with her community and for making a difference for kids in Africa.