Giving Back for Generations

Do you remember your first day of school? Were you nervous? Well…not like this!

In 2019, can you imagine meeting school children who had never entered a classroom? On 22nd January 2019, at the official school commissioning, twenty children were terrified when they were asked to go inside their classroom and sit down in Komoret Primary School, Karamoja, North Eastern Uganda.

They first stood at the entrance of the classroom taking in the brightly coloured desks and benches. After overcoming their initial shock the children, aged seven to ten years old, entered the room and innocently sat on top of the desks while others had their backs to the blackboard.

Lemukol was among the first children who sat behind the desks for the first time. The ten year-old recalled that the first and last school she had attended was the community nursery school in the area. “After nursery school, we didn’t have another school to go to, so we stopped going to school,” she said.

In a society that is still very traditional and nomadic, where families still live in Manyattas (traditional houses made of sharp thorns) and wealth is measured by the herd of cattle that one has, getting an education is not highly valued. As a result, the region has the highest illiteracy rates in the country with seven out of ten individuals unable to read or write.

With this new school, children like Lemukol and her best friend Chemuzungu are getting a chance to dream big and write a new chapter of their lives starting in February 2019 when the school year began.

Komoret Primary School is the first Fields of Life School constructed in the Karamoja region. The School was built in partnership with Nakapiripirit District Local Government and was funded by the Fields of Life Alumni Association.

The Fields of Life Alumni, staff and Founder, Trevor Stevenson attended the school opening which was filled with emotion and celebration. Trevor reflected that this was the harvest of the harvest. The Fields of Life Alumni, many of them sponsored and whose lives were transformed by the opportunity to go to school, have grown up and decided to do for the children of Karamoja what they had gifted to them!

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