Life under lockdown – Helen’s Story

Helen is hungry and afraid for her children. The family has lost all income due to the lockdown, and Helen worries that her children could die of hunger before Covid-19.

Helen is an amazing woman living in Katanga slum, Kampala. She cares for 17 children altogether: two children of her own, her late sister’s children, and other street children.

Helen provides for these children daily, working at her own tailoring business where she has made clothes, bags and uniforms for school. Things were going well until a week before the lockdown when her slum house fell down. Trinity, and the team at 92Hands, were working hard to rebuild her home when the lockdown started.

Unable to work., Helen is worried that she won’t be able to feed the children under her care. Interviewed in the streets of Katanga slum she said:

“People are first going to die of hunger before they die of covid-19. I am taking care of 17 children, and I cannot work to provide them with food.”

Thanks to the amazing generosity of Fields of Life supporters, and the quick action of 92Hands, Helen has been able to feed her family a meal a day during the lockdown. She is so thankful, and can’t wait to be able to work again and provide for her family once more.

Thank you for providing Helen, and thousands like her, with emergency meals during this crisis.

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