Looking for an Education and Finding Life

A personal testimony of Geoffrey Kamuntu

What is so special about receiving an admission letter to a school? Nothing really, unless you are me and unless that school is Fields of Life Academy (FOLA), the first primary school Fields of Life (FOL) built in Uganda.

When I joined FOLA, I was looking for an education; a good and affordable one. My guardian chose this school because it was earmarked for the less privileged children and also offered high chances of a full scholarship. However, I received much more than that when a life transforming seed was sown in me…

By the time I was six years old, I had begun using drugs and stealing. As a quiet young boy, I struggled internally as my bad behaviour took root in me. I even nursed thoughts of running away from home; but before I could do this, I was introduced to a new way of life at FOLA.

We were taught the Word of God at least once a day and we engaged in prayer, praise and worship. I did not find this appealing at the time, but as a student I had no option but to take part. The whole education structure in the school was built upon Christian principles and included daily scripture verses in every class, sharing of testimonies, Christian teachers and so on.

Seed that fell on good ground

The kind of evangelism I found at FOLA is what I like to call “dynamic evangelism.”  It did not only focus on an introduction to Christ, but was coupled with daily discipleship. As a result, several of my school mates still profess Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Personally, by the time I was 8 years old, I was certain about my salvation. That same year I was given my very first Bible, by a missionary group from Ireland, and there wasn’t a day I did not read it; I still have it as a keepsake.

The school administration assigned to me what I consider the beginning of my life in ministry; writing the memory scriptures in all the class rooms every morning.The school also chose me to serve as the head boy. I am sure now that was because God, who had begun a good work in me, was perfecting it through increasing responsibilities.

…And bore much fruit

When I finished primary school, I joined Grace High School – another Christian secondary school supported by FOL. I continued to write memory scriptures for every class, albeit covertly as no one had asked me to, but when the school administration discovered who the secret writer was, I was formally given permission to continue with my work in the open. When I was appointed the Religious Prefect this gave me my first opportunity to preach in public. It was not easy, but consequently, I choose to train in theology at the African Bible University, where my knowledge of the Lord and understanding of life deepened and molded me into the preacher that I am today.

Had I not joined FOLA, I am not certain what my story would read like. I would thus like to thank Uncle Trevor and every single person involved in making sure we get not just education of the mind and body but a spiritual one too.

Sowing where I have reaped; Now that I have completed my university education, I look forward to volunteering with FOL, to give back to the organisation that has transformed my life, so that in some way, I too may be able to transform the life of others.