Meet Bernard Masaba

Bernard Masaba is the Fields of Life Education Advisor in East Africa, he has worked with Fields of Life since 2008. We thought you would like to get to know him better; so here is what you need to know about Bernard…

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Bernard Masaba, Education Adviser Fields of Life East Africa. I previously worked as a primary school teacher and Head teacher before joining Fields of Life.

I am blessed with 6 beloved sons who love the Lord and 4 of whom minister happily in our Church. I am currently single having lost my dear wife on 4th October, 2012 and I manage the family with double wisdom of a mother and daddy as well.

I love God and in my free time after working hours and weekends I give pastoral support to my senior Pastor at Reachout Worship Centre Church Munonyo. I am passionate about child support and I live with 1 brother and 2 nephews all together I hold 9 boys in the house where we live under my care.

Tell us a fun fact:

While I was a student at Kaliro Teacher Training College I had undercover bush life training for military as a plan to fight Obote II government that had state inspired violence and we felt we could not stand it any longer. We had a tutor in the college who could lead us out of college each Saturday night to meet other bush group members and could return by 5:00 am.

While I was a young boy in the primary school during the reign of Dictator Amin Dada as President in Uganda, the economy had totally collapsed and I got involved in the smuggling of coffee from Uganda into Kenya on foot through the foothills of Mt Elgon 1975 -1978. We lived in a country that could not even provide the essentials to the people like salt, soap, sugar, medical care and paraffin. I used to travel carrying 20 kg of coffee on my head through hills and valleys for 24 hours to reach Kenya and in company of very many other people.

When did you first get involved with Fields of Life and Why?

I joined Fields of Life following an Interview I attended in December 2007 when the organisation had a vacancy for someone to work as Education Adviser. By then I was the Head teacher at Grace Community primary school. After the interview, I was told I had scored the highest mark and the opportunity was there for me to be employed as Education Adviser to monitor the implementation of the Six Standards of excellence the Board had established through the Education Advisory Group.

Before working at the Head office, I had earlier worked as a primary school teacher and Deputy Head teacher in charge of curriculum interpretation at the first school called Fields of Life Academy at the firm in Kasangati. The reason I got involved with Fields of Life primary school was facilitated by working in many schools around Kampala and I was heavily cheated by school owners.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

The favourite thing about my Job is the art and science of working with school management committees to streamline management of schools and teachers to fix loopholes in their professional and academic spheres of life. To see children being transformed from their childish life into real life of young adults through the love of Christ and application of knowledge and skills to create meaning in Life.

What’s been the most exciting thing since you started?

The exciting bit since I started work with Fields of Life in January 2008 has been working as Education Adviser and added key roles of being part of the internal control system in the organization finances, member of the Fields of Life disciplinary committee, Senior Management Team and Executive Management Team.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

Tolerant, friendly and honest.

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