Meet Zara Baird

Zara Baird is one of our Fields of Life Trekkers, who will be taking on the Kilimanjaro challenge in August 2016.

We asked her a few questions and here’s what she had to say…


Zara Baird



Why am I climbing Kilimanjaro?

I have always wanted to do something amazing and help a great cause.

I ran Belfast Marathon in 2007 and love training, keep fit, so why not try an extreme challenge.

Training plan:

I train pretty much every day, whether it is running club, grit training, swimming, hiking or gym, I am regularly described as the “energiser bunny”.

I train at 06:30 most mornings.

In 2015 I have done 4 half marathons and 10ks.

So what will I do differently for Killi?

I plan on adding a few extra half marathons in 2016 – aiming for Berlin in April, Lisburn in June, Ards in June and Omagh in May.

What am I not looking forward to?

I am petrified of heights, don’t like spiders or creepy crawlies.

What am I most looking forward to?

The peak! I cannot wait to see the view from Killi.