Megan’s Cultiv8 2015 Story

It’s coming up to the time of year when we start to recruit for our Cultiv8 Open Teams.

We could tell you lots of stories from previous teams, but we think you’d probably rather hear it straight from some one who has experienced Uganda first hand.

Megan McLaughlin travelled to Uganda in August to work at God Cares Christian Primary School and Maranatha Secondary School, Mityana:

“I have had the privilege of visiting Uganda three times with Fields of Life, this year co-leading the CULTIV8 team, and it is safe to say that this country has captured my heart. The love that fills my heart when I hold an African child in my arms is a love so unconditional that it can only come from the Father – what a joy and a blessing. I am so thankful for the work of Fields of Life, for how they are changing lives every day through practical means, but even more so for their commitment to sharing the Gospel and helping their African family in Christ.

I have so many stories from my time in Uganda that I could easily write a book, and it’s hard to choose just one moment that constitutes as a highlight. Because for me, everything in Uganda is special – every time I see someone fetch drinking water that’s clean, a child close their eyes during worship as they overflow with love for Jesus, watching my friends meet their sponsor children and love them like their own child. All of these moments are sacred and special, and they bring me back to Africa year after year.

But let me share with you a very poignant memory from this year’s camp. I was taking a Living Well class and students were welcome to stay and chat during break if they wanted to discuss anything further, or to pray together. One girl stayed with me and, with a bravery that I can never dream of possessing, opened up to me and shared her story. She lives in the north of Uganda, the infamous ‘killing fields’ of Lira, and had lived there through the war. She watched her village be destroyed by rebels, her parents burned before her eyes, and took refuge sleeping amongst dead bodies so as not to be caught. On hearing her story I was filled with not just hurt, but anger and frustration at the world. How can this happen? And yet, after all her pain, what did she want prayer for? To say thank you to God for His provision in times of trouble, to thank Him for her education which Fields of Life now provide, to thank Him for her bright future. Wow. She spoke with such dignity and faith, but most of all, she had a hope in her eyes. And it’s stories like this that bring hope to my heart that God can heal this broken world, one story, one life, one person, at a time.”

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