Memory lane with Fields of Life

“I first heard about Fields of Life in July 2001 when Reverend Trevor Stevenson visited our church as the guest speaker. In his introductory speech, he talked about this new organisation, Fields of Life, and the work they were doing for the communities and children in need in Uganda.

Shortly after his visit, there was an announcement in church that Fields of Life needed a person with experience in Hotel Management to work at their guesthouse. While this was my profession, I had moved away from hospitality because it was  overlooked in Uganda . There were limited prospects for career development and the long hours and the meagre remuneration were discouraging. By then, I worked in a Foreign Exchange Bureau where I was dealing in trading and my plan was to pursue higher level education in business management.

While I ignored the job announcement in church, the clergy, who knew my history, approached me again and suggested that I apply for it. They asked me to pray and think about it before responding.

Three months later, one of the church leaders contacted me again and asked if I had made a decision. Before I could answer, she suggested that I take a few days off and help them with a few errands in this Fields of Life Guest House, after which I would make my decision.

On 22nd December 2001, I reported to Fields of Life for my fact- finding venture.

A group of “Mzungu” builders, who I later learnt were called the Hope Builders, arrived that night to build some classrooms at one of the first Fields of Life secondary schools. On the team was Reverend Trevor, who I would have a personal encounter with for the first time! After checking the guests in, I met Reverend Trevor and from our discussion, I decided to continue working in the Fields of Life guesthouse as he treated people with such high regard and respect.

I soon realised that in Fields of Life, it is not only about duty and getting paid for work, but it is a family. Everything that affects one person is a concern to all members of the team.

This has been the spirit since I joined Fields of Life.

I quickly learnt how to take good pictures and enrolled to take computer lessons. With experience, I started rotating in work stations and engaging in field trips where I love working with the children. It was so fulfilling that I forgot about the challenges and the sacrifice needed but grew fond of the work and looked forward to each working day.

Over the years, I have watched Fields of Life grow. Where there were only a few activities implemented, now there are a number of departments in the organisation, and an increased number of people impacted through the interventions like sponsorship, safe drinking water, Gospel outreach and many others. From doing work in one small village, it has spread out in the country and even extended to other countries in East Africa.

I have been able to grow with the organisation in skills and experience and learnt in my life never to despise small beginnings. A journey of one thousand miles begins with one step.”

Racheal Kadondi
Regional Officer – Eastern

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