Much more than water!

Poor sanitation, disease and death are not the only problems caused by a lack of clean water. The women of Aterait village tell a very sad story…

212km from Kampala, Aterait is nestled deep in Osukuru Sub-county in Tororo district, Eastern Uganda.  Previously, the only source of water in this village was a murky swamp that was shared by people and animals alike. But this was not the only problem for the women and young girls of Aterait.

Teddy Abbo, a mother to ten children, used to make the daily trek of 8km in order to fetch water from the swamp. She recalls, “I was molested by men on my way to the well, and to make matters worse, my husband would beat me for taking so long to collect water. But, I had no choice, I had to keep going to that swamp as we all needed water.”

In October 2017, Teddy’s whole life changed when the Fields of Life drilling team arrived at Aterait. Teddy watched in anticipation as they pitched their tents and built their equipment. For days the drillers dug through clay and solid rock until finally clean clear water came gushing out of the ground.

The entire village celebrated and danced with joy because of their new borehole. Teddy spoke on behalf of the women in her community as she gave thanks, “This well has brought us much more than water. The number of snake bites has reduced greatly as we no longer have to walk along the path to the swamp. The number of attacks on the women and children here has also reduced greatly and we feel safe as we collect water from our borehole. I am over-joyed that my children now have access to safe, clean water.”                                                                                         

Aterait well was the 629th drilled by Fields of Life, bringing water to 41 households serving 270 people. Thank you to all of our partners who are making this goal possible.

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