A new chapter for my village

What do you do when you only have water when it rains, and it only rains two months in a year?

Nateelo village in Kotido District (Karamoja, Northern Uganda) is a lot like the other parts of the dry Karamoja sub region. Water is extremely scarce making life very difficult for the people who live here.

For Simon Lukol and the villagers in Nateelo village the answer lay in a small pond, with brown muddy water, that filled up during the rainy season. This was the water source for Nateelo for the first two/three months of the dry season…until it dried up again.

“Even though the pond water is brown, it still is precious”, Simon notes; “We only have one wet season that is two months long and for the rest of the year we have to walk for over 5km to access water, of any type and colour.”

The lack of water has negatively affected the hygiene, sanitation and the general community well-being in Nateelo. During the dry season, things like washing dishes, clothes or even taking a bath are an absolute luxury.

For Nateelo however, all that has now changed!

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, Fields of Life constructed a borehole in the Nateelo village, providing clean, safe water to 500 households.

The village Chairperson spoke on behalf of his community; “This is the start of a new chapter for my village. We no longer have to worry about the dry season or even migrate. We can now safely cook food with clean water, wash our clothes, safely feed our animals and our children will no longer be at risk of waterborne disease. Thank You!”

If you would like to support our Water for Life campaign and give £4/€5/$6 a month to our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene projects please click here.

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