Project 25

25 people. 25 significant events. celebrating 25 years of Fields of Life!

Project 25 is an exciting campaign we have launched as part of our 25th Anniversary celebrations! We are looking for 25 remarkable people across the Fields of Life family to join Project 25 and fundraise to provide clean, safe drinking water to vulnerable communities in East Africa.

You can still get involved in Project 25 and we would love to have you on-board. What will your challenge be? You could do anything…so let your imagination inspire you and contact [email protected] to sign up now!

Project 25

A big thank you to everyone who has signed up so far, check out some of the exciting Project 25 fundraisers below:

5th May 2018Thanks to everyone who joined us for our annual Carry Jerry Sponsored Walk along the Causeway Coastal Route, Northern Ireland!

10th May 2018 – Thank you to Grant Connor for organising a Golf Day at Edenmore Golf Club for Project 25, and thanks to everyone who attended.

26th-28th May – Thanks to Chris Madden & Adam Bleakly who cycled from Mizen to Malin!

2nd June – Thank you to Jonah’s Wail, the fantastic Kent-based live band, who hosted a concert to raise funds for Project 25.

3rd June – Thank you to Justine Nantale who completed the VHI Womens Mini Marathon.

5th June – Thanks to Gary Jackson and his fellow firefighters who completed a 100 mile trek through the Mournes!

9th June – Thanks to Zara and the team who organised the Stormont Run and thanks to all of our sponsors and everyone who took part!

15th June – Thank you to the Staff and pupils at Bethany School, Kent who completed the 25 hour Challenge.

16th June – Thanks to Geoff Langrell and the team who completed the Hell and Back challenge.

16th June – Thanks to everyone who joined us for us first ever GB Carry Jerry event in Kent.

27th June – 1st July – Thanks to everyone involved in organising the Parenta Trust Banger Rally! Find out more or get involved here.

30th June – Thank you to everyone involved in organising the Ditton African Tea Party. Contact [email protected] for more info.

18th August – Thank you to the Go Uganda team for organising their Vintage Tea Party in Ballymoney.

31st August – A big thank you to James and Tricia Callaghan for organising a Gospel Concert in Dunluce Parish Centre to raise funds for clean water.

3rd September – We are very excited to be partnering with the Maiden Factor and this special event marks the Launch!

8th Sept – A big thanks to Andrew Cooper, Louise Gardner, Paul Gardner and Debbie Cameron who are taking on the Thames Challenge. Read more or donate here.

7th-8th Sept – Thank you to Allan Gower who is taking on the Fjord Challenge, 2 30km treks in 2 day, all to raise money for clean water. Read more or donate here.

14th September – Thanks to the Water for Life Challenge team who are organising the Big BBQ. Click here for more information.

23rd September – A big thanks to David Hall, our Operations Manager, who is running the Belfast Half Marathon to raise funds for clean water. Read more or donate here.

3rd-10th Oct – Thanks to Frank and Cathy Betzer for taking on a 125 mile bicycle trek through the Alpilles of Provence, France. Read more or donate here.

7th Oct – A big thanks to Samantha Fiegel who will be running the Boulder Rez Half Marathon in Colorado to raise $2,000 for Fields of Life. Read more or donate here.

16th Oct – Thank you to M Restaurant for hosting our Fields of Life GB Sporting Dinner. Contact [email protected] for more info.

7th Nov – A big thanks to everyone involved in Stran Does Strictly!

8th Nov – Thanks to everyone at Sherry Fitzgerald for organising The Great Sherry Fitz Bake Off!

31st Dec – Thanks to Jonathan Gault who will complete a New Years sit out as part of Project 25.

Project 25



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