Raising the Roof at St Stephens Nursery and Primary School

Fields of Life began our partnership with the Raise the Roof children’s choir in 2013, when they generously committed to funding a primary school for vulnerable and marginalised children in a remote village in Northern Uganda.

St Stephens Nursery and Primary School is located in Amuru District, which is nearly 400km north of Uganda’s capital, Kampala, and less than 100 km south of the South Sudan border.

This is an area that has been torn apart by a war due to the activities of a rebel group called the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The conflict led to the displacement of nearly two million people and resulted in the abduction of more than 60,000 children.  Many are now returning from internally displaced peoples camps to their homes, where any infrastructure that was in place is now destroyed.

Construction on St Stephens Nursery and Primary School began late 2015, and our team on the ground have been working hard to ensure that the school is complete for mid 2016 as a team from Raise the Roof will be travelling to Uganda to spend time with the community. Phase one of the build is well underway, with the administration block (which includes three classrooms, a head teachers office, secretary’s office and staff room), staff housing and latrines now completed and ready for use during the 2nd school term (June). An additional four classrooms will be added during phase two of building.

Thanks to Raise the Roof children’s choir and everyone who supported this project; your generosity will provide a quality education for at least 800 impoverished children giving them the opportunity to reach their potential and become future change makers within their communities.

Raise the Roof