The real heroes of East Africa

The rain comes without warning; one minute it is hot and the next there are big fat drops of water pouring from the sky and suddenly everyone runs for shelter from the heavy rain.

All, except for the 12 men in blue overalls who are gathered around the long blue and white pipes which protrude from the ground. These men heave, push and take turns pulling at various pieces of equipment. Sweat pours off their foreheads…even in the rain!

Who are they? They are the Fields of Life drillers.

Why do they work in the rain? Some stages in the drilling process are so critical that they can’t stop until everything is done and so they keep on working. The drillers give up personal comfort and normal family life in order to bring clean water to communities in East Africa. Their lodging is a tent, and their food is very basic. Away from their families for months on end, the drillers work relentlessly!

Over the past few months, they have consistently exceeded their target of 10 wells per month in order to bring this life-giving water to people who desperately need it. At the community where they are presently stationed, the closest source of water was a swamp that the community used until it dried up. The joy and excitement at seeing fresh, clean water pour out of the ground is incredible! The community gather around and the dancing and celebrations begin.

During a visit to Namutumba, Eastern Uganda, Richard Spratt, Fields of Life CEO, shared a table with the drillers as they had their lunch of maize and cabbage. For Richard and the rest of the staff at Fields of Life these drillers are the real heroes of East Africa! Charles, Washington, Daniel, Barnabas, Oenish, Isaac O., Isaac A., Kizito, Leo, Mubarak; the 10 men whose hard work, endurance and commitment is changing lives in East Africa.

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