SERC CEO visits Uganda

Three weeks ago Fields of Life CEO, Richard Spratt, visited Uganda with SERC CEO Ken Webb.

Throughout the trip Ken met some of our Ugandan Staff, and visited Nakawa Vocational Institute in Kampala and St. Josephs Technical School, Entebbe.

Below are some thoughts from Richard as he reflected upon the trip…

“Fields of Life is partnering with SERC to construct a vocational training school in Northern Uganda. In Uganda, as with many parts of the developing world, numbers of young people are at an all-time high. Youth unemployment, the lack of quality jobs, poor working conditions and inequality in educational and vocational opportunities increases poverty and vulnerability. Therefore, a key priority for Fields of Life in the coming years is to increase educational attainment, and focus on a holistic approach to education including life skills, small business and enterprise skills as well as specific vocational training to help young people become more employable.

The Hebrew word ‘shalom’ in the Old Testament points to God’s desire for us as being created in his image. The word essentially means peace and wholeness but part of the meaning also translates as ‘work’. We are designed to want to make a contribution, and the dignity and drive to provide for ourselves and those around us, is part of who we all are.

Let’s help young people in Africa strive to realise their ambition and dreams!”

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Upskilling Uganda