Solving Nyakabale’s Water Problem!

Walking down the slope to his home, Arnold grips twigs and twines as he swings down with care. His house is at the very edge of a steep incline characteristic of the landscape of Nyakabale village, nestled in the rocky hills of Kasese in south western Uganda.

At the bottom of the incline is a mountain spring that serves the entire village, including Nyakabale Primary School with 931 children. Hauling the water up steep inclines isn’t the major problem, it is that the water is shared with animals and therefore contaminated with many diseases.

“Over the years our children have suffered from many infections as a result of the poor quality of water they are forced to consume from the springs. This has had many negative implications on their health and education”, reports Abel Kamabwa a director at Nyakabale Primary School.

In communities like this a borehole would have been the quickest solution to safe clean water, however, the extremely mountainous terrain made this impossible for our drilling rigs.

Therefore, we adopted alternative water supply technologies to serve the Nyakabale Village and a rain water harvesting system with 10,000 litre capacity tanks was installed. To ensure safety for drinking, the school also was provided with bio-sand water filters which sieve out physical and biological impurities.

“With safe water right within the school compound, class attendance has greatly improved.” Abel adds. Arnold and his school mates no longer struggle down steep slopes to the mountain spring, they can now enjoy a cup of clean, safe water at their school.

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