Something had to be done!

The well at Kyani-Kiyunga in Nakasongola, Central Uganda, is an extraordinary well. With concrete casting, a hand pump, water spout and protective fence, it looks just like any other well, but the story it tells is unlike any other…

Kyani Kiyunga village is right beside the Kafu River, which had been the only source of water for this community. However, the women and children using this river were not alone in fetching water from here as it is also infested by crocodiles.

In October 2016, 13 year old Doreen went to the river to fetch water as she always did, but she did not come home.

Her father, Godfrey, tells of how his other daughter came home screaming that the crocodile had taken her sister. Godfrey’s wife immediately left, taking their children with her. He said; “She was afraid of the crocodiles and since there was no other water source, she chose to leave.”

When Daniel Semaganda, Fields of Life Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Officer, read Godfrey’s story in a Ugandan newspaper, he decided to act.

“Though our well siting procedures are different, I knew something had to be done!”

The entire team saw this urgent need and so the request received immediate approval and well construction began in November 2016 and the well was finally finished in December 2016.

At the commissioning of the newly constructed borehole the area Member of Parliament revealed that this wasn’t the only incident and many, mostly women and children had been eaten by crocodiles.

In fact, when the well was being commissioned, the welcoming community stood clear of the river bank as they walked with Godfrey to the place where his daughter was taken. Only Reverend Trevor Stevenson and Dolway Johnston stood close to the water.

As a result of this new borehole, no one has to go to the river anymore and Godfrey is certain that his wife and children will now return.

This is the 547th well drilled by Fields of Life and it is literally saving the lives of 200 households in Nakasongola. Thank you once again to our incredibly generous supporters for changing lives and transforming communities!

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