Sponsorship making a difference step by step

How many kilometres would you be willing to walk for a cause you believe in?

For the average child in the villages of Abura and Musalaba Pakiri, northern Uganda, the answer is 12km daily; just to go to school…as long as their parents can afford to pay their school fees.

However, the newly constructed Abura Parents and St. Stephens Musalaba Primary Schools are much closer to these villages, and have resulted in the average walking distance being reduced to only 4km.

130 children no longer have to make the 12km walk, or worry about their school fees, as they have been enrolled onto the Child Sponsorship Programme in two Fields of Life supported schools.

Previously, children like Daniel (pictured below in the red t-shirt) would arrive at school hungry, tired and often get sent back home to collect school fees. Now Daniel will be able to study, receive a school uniform each year, a dozen exercise books and pencils every term, as well as have a daily school meal (take a look at the World Bank report on the importance of school meals).

Each of the components of the Child Sponsorship Programme have helped to not only put Daniel, and others like him, in school but also will keep them there!

Fields of Life Child Sponsorship

Parents are equally thankful! While preparing to train the parents on the sponsorship guidelines, Fields of Life staff encountered a line of over 150 parents anxious to hear more about the new school and the sponsorship programme. They expressed gratitude for the opportunity that their children had been given to change their lives and the lives of their families.

When the sun rises tomorrow morning, Daniel and 129 of his schoolmates will not have to worry about school fees or a 12km trek to school. Now they can really focus on attaining their goal; a quality education.

If you would like to sponsor a child you can find out more by clicking here or email [email protected]