Stories of Hope from 2020

2020 was certainly a challenging year in many ways, but we are so grateful for the constant support of the Fields of Life family!

Lives like Rhodah’s have been changed. Rhodah is a pupil at St Apollo Kasizi Primary School, a Fields of Life supported school. She wrote us a letter to explain how her life has changed because of support like yours!

“I am in the P.7 class at St Apollo Kasizi Primary School, but I will never forget how difficult life was before I came to this school, especially with regards to menstrual management. My guardians couldn’t afford sanitary pads, so I had to use material from clothes and toilet tissue. I didn’t know who to ask for help, but I talked to a friend and she told me that her school had helped her. With my guardians’ permission I transferred to St Apollo.

In my new class, there were some girls and boys who had been taught how to make reusable sanitary pads. I admired them and was so inspired that I asked to learn too. Now whenever I need them, I can ask the senior female teacher and she will give me a supply of reusable pads.

My life has changed because I can participate in games and sports, which I was scared to do before. Most importantly, I no longer stay home from school every month, and my performance has improved. I know how to look after myself to stay safe and strong.

I thank Fields of Life for introducing the I AM GIRL project at our school because I will never again face the same challenges. I even wish to become a seamstress in the future and make cheap re-usable sanitary pads for other girls like me!”

In our Annual Report for 2019/2020 you’ll find more first-hand stories of hope like Rhodah’s. You can read about lives that have been changed through your support in the past year, as well as all the important facts, figures and financial details.


Click the image below to read the annual report.

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