Thank you for spreading joy over Christmas!

12-year-old Sumaya glances at a black school bag next to her, she is beaming with excitement!

To the rest of the world, it may be just an ordinary school bag. To Sumaya it is a very special present.

“This is the first school bag I have had in my life! I used to carry my books in black kaveeras (polythene bags),” she says, while looking at her new bag with a smile.

With a new school bag, Sumaya no longer has to replace her polythene bags every other day. She recalls; “The kaveeras would get torn easily. When it rained my books would get wet and my work would be ruined”.

On 5th December 2018, Sumaya, her classmates, received new school bags through the Fields of Life Child Sponsorship Gift Fund. Maria, the School Director, states; “We bought school bags because some of the children had very old bags which were torn and falling apart and some, like Sumaya, had never had a school bag.”

“With the bags, the children are happy because they can now carry their books and other items like food and water containers,” Maria said. Furthermore, she added that for girls, like Sumaya, the different compartments will be useful for managing their menstrual hygiene. With the new bag on her back, Sumaya has a spring in her step. She cannot wait to walk into her new class!

Sumaya’s school also enjoyed throwing a school-wide Christmas party for all 985 pupils!

Thanks to your generosity, thousands of marginalised children were able to share in the joy of Christmas and experience Christ’s love.

The Fields of Life sponsorship team in Uganda worked with supported schools to identify what gifts needed. This Christmas, the Gift Fund enabled schools to organise community fun-days and purchase bedding, computers, printers and solar panels!

Find out more about Child Sponsorship here.

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