The 11th Annual School Directors and Headteachers Conference

Two days of teaching and 300 delegates from 100 schools across five East African countries all added up to one thing: A Legacy of Excellence, Servant Leadership and Accountability.

On the 9th and 10th January 2018, directors and head teachers from Fields of Life supported schools in East Africa gathered for the 11th Annual Conference at African Village Hotel in Mukono, Central Uganda to learn and share ways of enhancing the Fields of Life legacy in schools.

The two days were packed full of amazing teaching sessions. For example, there were presentations around financial management and accountability providing practical exercises in financial planning and execution. The participants drew up sample school budgets ensuring to break even or make a profit. There were also interesting discussions around agribusiness which taught that schools can utilise agriculture as a teaching tool while growing food for income generation. Additionally, a presentation on corporate governance taught that indeed a school can be a well-run corporate entity and not a one-man show.

Even the daily devotions challenged the participants to add accountability to the knowledge acquired, in order to create a lasting legacy. Fields of Life Chief Executive Officer, Richard Spratt, concluded by highlighting the core of the Fields of Life legacy; “people matter”. People matter to God and we, as God’s hands and feet, are stewards to deliver an effective Christian response wherever there is need.

As 300 pairs of God’s hands and feet walked out of the conference hall at the end of the two days, the retired Archbishop of the Church of Uganda the Most Reverend Henry Luke Orombi challenged the gathering to exemplify Christ whose legacy of love and service still thrives 2,000 years after His life on earth.