The Children’s Well

600 children, two primary schools and 203 households in Bugobi, Namutumba District, Eastern Uganda, all had one thing in common…it was the children’s responsibility to fetch water.

In Bugobi, the children walked 3km every day to the community pond, they stepped into the very water they were collecting for drinking, washing and cooking and then they walked 3km back to their homes. This was their closest source of water but animals also used this pond and the children had to walk in groups for their safety. The children in Bugobi village would regularly miss a lot of class so that they could collect water and this greatly impacted the overall academic performance in the village.

“Even when we knew all of the risks that were associated with this water source we had to use it as it was our only choice.’ said Magoola Mohammed, the Chairperson of the newly formed Water User Committee in Bugobi.

When Fields of Life completed the drilling of the Bugobi borehole on Friday 11th August 2017, over 20 children were already lined up waiting to collect water. Their excitement was visible in the smiles on their faces. One little girl said to our drillers “Thank you, this well is much nearer and the water is very clean.”  

As the drilling team packed up to go to the next village, Daniel Semaganda, Fields of Life Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Officer reflected, “Each well has its own story and this one, for Bugobi, it is the Children’s well.”

Find out more about our Water for Life campaign or sign up to give £4/€5/$6 a month towards the life-saving gift of clean water.

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