The joy of clean water!

At Fields of Life we believe clean water is a basic human right! However, a lack of access to clean water has been one of the major hindrances to community development in most parts of Uganda, and consumption of contaminated water has become a way of life for many.

Otatai Community had never dreamt of clean water; their nearest source of water was 3km away, shared with wild animals and fostered many parasites; which would result in the spread of diseases like bilharzia, cholera and typhoid. This resulted in a lot of sickness and sometimes death within the community.

Otatai community - Fields of Life provide clean water

The new Fields of Life borehole has been a blessing to the Otatai Community and the community could not contain their joy after Fields of Life had completed drilling finished and officially opened the borehole.

The Chairperson and the entire Otatai Community vowed to take good care of this borehole, and to use it as the starting point to better their lives. The Chairperson stated; “great thanks to Fields of Life, and the Go Uganda team, for such a tremendous work! I promise from today on wards you will find me very clean and healthy whenever you visit and I am going to encourage the people in our community to make good use and take good care of this blessing. May the almighty God always bless the good work of Fields of Life in changing lives and building sustainable communities.”

Otatai community - Fields of Life provide clean water

Prepared by Daniel Semaganda, Fields of Life Water Sanitation and Hygiene Officer