Educate a girl…Change the world!

Tracy Edwards MBE, finished the 1985/86 Whitbead Round the World Race (WRTWR) and knew she wanted to go round again…but this time with an all-female crew! So, the ‘Maiden Great Britain’ project was born.

The initial announcement of an all-female crew was greeted with varying amounts of disbelief from the racing world but Tracy and her team set about raising the funds and putting a crew together to take part in the 1989/90 WRTWR. After surviving a tornado and the final five days with no food, the girls arrived home to a rapturous welcome. Their final position was 2nd place overall in their class; the best result for a British boat in 17 years and unbeaten to this day.

27 years later Maiden was rediscovered and arrived back to the UK for restoration in April 2017. Today Maiden is a beacon of hope around the globe. 130 million girls worldwide are currently denied an education and we are thrilled to be working together with Maiden Factor on the I AM GIRL campaign.