Update from Ross and Jane McQueen

It has been such an adventure and we are so thankful that God brought us to such a beautiful country.

There have been some challenges during our time here but they have been far outweighed by the joys of living and working in East Africa. Ross has loved getting to know and work alongside the team here in Kampala and Kigali. He’s been busy overseeing various construction projects across Uganda as well as getting things ready for the commencement of a new wave of projects in Rwanda. This has involved working alongside a great Rwandan architect to produce new drawings as well as prepare the documents required for the tendering process. On top of this, he’s been squeezing in as many trips to Gulu as he can to keep an eye on progress with the VTI. His role involves a fair bit of driving and has been told he’s covered more of East Africa than many of the local staff members at FOL!

Jane initially had been working with a local vet, but the clinic was very quiet and finding veterinary drugs and equipment was difficult. She has had a bit of a career change over the past couple of months and is now working as the Executive Assistant to the British High Commissioner! This has been a very unexpected opportunity but it’s an exciting new challenge. She is getting to learn a lot about life in an embassy and is enjoying having a busy routine and meeting a lot of interesting people.

We have been very fortunate to remain in good health, despite a couple of minor bouts of malaria! Safety on the roads continues to be one of our biggest concerns as Ugandan traffic can be crazy with many dangerous drivers and poorly maintained vehicles.

We have been going to Kampala International Church and have recently started attending a small group. One of our biggest worries was that we would miss having a community of close friends, but it has been incredibly easy to develop friendships with people from all over the world here. We have a great group of friends that enjoy escaping the city and spending time in nature as much as we do, and we often spend weekends camping with them or on safari. There is so much diversity in Uganda and no shortage of fun activities to keep us busy!

Prayer requests:

  • That we would continue to trust God in all aspects of our lives and develop close personal relationships with Him
  • For safety when travelling on Ugandan roads
  • That we can show the love of Jesus to everyone we encounter
  • For the amazing work of Fields of Life and their impact in communities across East Africa
  • Safety and good health for our family and friends back home and for strength during the times when we miss them!


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