Will you walk to Uganda?




It is 6,064 miles to walk to Uganda. A seemingly impossible task for one person but not if we all come together.

Would you like to help us take a virtual walk to Uganda and raise money for Fields of Life COVID-19 response? If you would like to walk, run, bike ride or hop, you can set up a Just Giving page and help us journey to Uganda. All 6,064 miles. Together.

Here is how you do it:

1.     Think what you would like to do (walk, run, bike ride, moonwalk)

2.     Set up a Just Giving page, and choose Fields of Life as your charity

3.     Add your page to the “Journey to Uganda” Team. 

4.     Share with your friends, family and contacts and start fundraising and journeying to Uganda.

We may not be able to go much beyond our own homes but together we can go far and help our partner communities in East Africa, providing emergency food, supplies, soap, and handwashing facilities!