With this clean water source, I am sure my children have been saved!

For generations the community in the Lera-Atar village, Lira, have been consuming contaminated water and suffering from water borne diseases. However, as a result of the generosity of the Young Farmers Clubs of Ulster, they now have access to safe, clean drinking water! Two community members share their experiences below…

Mr. Patrick Woro said; “my family has 9 members, with 4 daughters and 3 sons. We had been continuously suffering from water borne diseases, like typhoid, hook warms, diarrhea and bilharzia. It was unbearable to watch our children suffering, so my wife and I would spend a lot of time in clinics and we would spend the little money we had saved on medication.

I was one of the happiest village members when we received this blessing! It seems unrealistic because my family and I had never tasted clean water for the time we have lived here, but with this clean water source, I am sure my children have been saved! I am so grateful to Fields of Life for saving my family and building our hope; may God richly bless the works of Fields of Life”.

Mr. Cogan Okello, a leader representative in the Lela-Atar village states; “I joyfully receive this new water source, with both hands, as a gift from God. I believe the general health in the area will improve and we shall hardly receive any cases in relation to snake bites. Stability of pupils in schools and the standard of living in this area will also improve because of this new borehole”.

Prepared by Daniel Semaganda, Fields of Life Water Sanitation and Hygiene Officer

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